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Bulldozer Financing


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We provide easy and fast bulldozer financing to construction business owners and other industry professionals across the nation. Our unrivaled equipment lending experience and passion for forming strong relationships set us apart from our competition. If you’re a small to medium-sized company in the US, let us tailor a financial package to upgrade or expand your fleet.

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Types of Bulldozers we Finance 

Whether you’re looking for a new or previously owned bulldozer, we have financing packages available for all years, makes, and models. From crawl to wheel and even mini bulldozers, either titled or non-titled, we’re your source for bulldozer financing. We can also provide private sale transaction options with proper verification and documentation.

We provide bulldozer financing for:

  • Crawl bulldozers

  • Wheel bulldozers

  • Mini bulldozers

  • New or pre-owned

  • Titled or non-titled

  • Private sale transactions

  • What type of bulldozer are you looking to finance? Contact our equipment funding experts to learn more about our commercial equipment financing packages. 

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7 Benefits of Financing a Bulldozer

1. Flatten cash flow and conserve working capital

Financing a bulldozer helps keep more of your company’s hard-earned cash and working capital in your pocket. With more financial freedom to decide how to allocate those funds best, you remain in the drivers’ seat of your company’s operations and growth.

2. Keep credit lines intact 

As many small and medium-sized companies know, credit lines provide a lifeline when unexpected costs arise. When you choose bulldozer financing instead of a cash purchase, you can keep those lines open so that they’re there when you need them. 

3. Receive tax benefits

You can deduct up to 100% of your bulldozer loan payments on your business tax return and qualify for an additional Section 179 deduction when you finance commercial equipment.

4. Reduce repair costs

If you’re replacing an old and outdated bulldozer that continually drains your company’s funds for care and maintenance, bulldozer financing can alleviate those financial burdens.

5. Expand business operations

With a new bulldozer that used to seem out of reach, you can level up your construction business operations, completing jobs in less time so that you can quickly move onto the next one.

6. You retain full ownership

Throughout the bulldozer loan term, you retain full ownership of your equipment. And because of the longevity of heavy commercial equipment, you can bet on having a highly operational bulldozer well beyond your loan term.

7. Regularly update your equipment

By eliminating the cost of owning obsolete equipment, bulldozer and commercial equipment financing can give you the freedom to update your equipment when needed.

Fortis = Industry Pros

We have deep roots in the equipment finance industry, allowing us to leverage our knowledge and connections to quickly secure the funds you need to keep your business going strong. We make the bulldozer financing application easy with our worry-free approach to lending, often with approvals in 24 hours or less.


How to apply for bulldozer financing:

  • Fill out an application
    The first step is to complete a credit application on our website, taking care to provide all necessary information about your company, equipment, bank and money market accounts, references, and more.

  • Talk to our financial team
    After receiving your application, our bulldozer financing experts will contact you to verify the information and gather anything else that our lender partners require.

  • Receive your approval status
    After we submit your application, approval responses are incredibly fast. In most cases, you’ll receive an answer within hours so that you can get back to what you do best.

Apply now to see if you qualify for bulldozer financing.

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The Fortis Advantage

As an experienced heavy equipment lender, we believe that strong partnerships set the foundation for a successful business venture. With a dedication to helping construction business owners thrive, we not only invest in your company – but we also invest in you. As industry veterans ourselves, we know the hard work it takes to do your job, and we thank you for doing your part to build and revitalize communities, spur economic growth, and create a stronger future. We’re your lending partner – and your people partner – and we’re here to help you reach even higher than you thought possible.

Why Choose Us for Bulldozer Financing

We’re seasoned commercial equipment professionals

Unlike the new players on the block, we’re an established company with a long track record of success. Founded by an equipment financing industry veteran, our company has the leadership and experience you can trust to guide your company into its next venture. 

We only serve small and medium-sized companies 
Our financing packages are designed solely for small and mid-size companies, making us uniquely qualified to address your company’s lending needs. Our highly experienced bulldozer financing team understands what it will take to secure the funding you need to get your equipment up and running fast.

We provide approvals and funding quickly

To get the equipment you need fast, we have an expedited approval and funding process because we know that time is money. In many cases, you’ll receive a loan approval response in less than 24 hours and loan funding less than 24 hours after approval. Fast approvals and funding help keep your company’s operations on track. 

Strong lender relationships 

As veterans in the commercial equipment financing space, we’ve cultivated strong relationships with lenders. When you choose us, we’ll leverage our relationships when securing the funds you need to put your crew to work.

We serve companies nationwide No matter where you’re located in the US, we provide bulldozer financing packages that can help you acquire the equipment you need to take your company to the next level.

Our application process is straightforward

With us, you don’t have to jump through unnecessary hoops to secure the equipment funding you need. We believe in a quick and easy process that begins with our online application. Once we have everything to submit the application for approval, expect quick responses and funding. It’s that simple.

We finance all types of bulldozers

When it comes to bulldozers, crawlers, wheelers, and minis are all welcome here. We finance all new or pre-owned excavators that are either titled or untitled – any model, any make, any year. With proper verification and documentation, we also offer private sale transaction bulldozer financing options.

We have flexible bulldozer financing terms While the specific terms of your loan are unique to you, we offer low and competitive rates for bulldozers and other heavy and construction equipment. We even have low and no up-front costs available. With flexible loan term lengths between 24-60 months, you can rest easy knowing that we make bulldozer financing easy on your wallet.

We have happy clients

With a unique focus on investing in people, we have countless commercial clients who have attested to our capabilities and credibility.  See what our clients are saying below:

What Our Customers are Saying

"Fortis was amazing to work with! The funding was super fast! I definitely would recommend using this company for funding!"

- Joseph W.

"Fortis Equipment Funding has helped me obtain competitive financing rates for my business. I’ve had a great experience, the loan process was quick and easy. The staff was very professional and prompt. I would recommend Fortis Equipment Funding to anyone in need of an equipment financing."

- Christopher S.

"I had the pleasure of working with Fortis Equipment Funding for my loans. I’ve dealt with other lending institutions in the past and as far as I’m concerned Fortis is the best in the business. I called and let him know what I needed and he went above and beyond the call of duty to make it happen. I recommend anyone looking for funding to contact Mr. Earl Turner with Fortis Equipment Funding!"

- Jonathan L.

Get started with bulldozer financing today

It’s time to envision a future for your company where you’re achieving goals you may have never thought possible. A future where you have a strong fleet you can count on to get the job done right. We can help make those dreams come true. Contact us to learn more about bulldozer financing to reach the growth and success you seek.

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