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Construction Site Managers

Rock Capital

A funding source for Fortis Equipment Funding 

With over 20 years of lending experience in the equipment industry, the partners at Fortis have seen too many deals left undone. The focus of Rock Capital is servicing customers who may not qualify for a traditional bank loan. 

Fortis Equipment Funding was started by Earl Turner in March of 2019, with partner Erich Maerz joining in June of 2020. Fortis has a strong footprint in the equipment financing industry because of the personal relationships that have been established with customers and vendors.
Fortis continues to grow by constantly building new relationships up and down the East Coast.


Fortis specializes in hard assets, titled and non-titled equipment, financing income-producing equipment that is necessary for a business to either keep up with technology or fulfill new contracts. Currently, Fortis has access to twelve funding sources with all types of credit and collateral windows. Rock Capital is interested in capturing the customer who has a story; the customer who may not meet every criteria to attain a loan from a traditional funding source. 

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