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Lift Equipment Financing

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If your business needs equipment financing for new or used lift equipment , Fortis Equipment Funding is ready to assist you.

Our lift equipment financing team will use our deep well of industry knowledge to secure financing for new or used lift equipment vehicles such as aerial lifts, boom lifts, scissor lifts, telehandler lifts, telescopic lifts, man lifts, spider lifts, straight mast forklifts and towable lifts.

Fortis has an extensive track record of successfully closing equipment loans in a timely manner. We can provide detailed knowledge of the equipment you need, and can boast long-standing vendor relationships, allowing you to close deals quickly.

With our lift equipment financing company in your corner, your company can preserve its cash and working capital for day-to-day expenses, while holding onto credit lines for when you really need them.

Fortis Equipment Funding works with business owners, heavy equipment auctioneers and lift equipment dealers to make sure our clients get the financing they need to expand and improve their fleet of lift equipment. And we can offer a range of financing options, along with low, competitive rates and fast closing (often inside 24 hours).

If you need an equipment financing company with expansive industry knowledge, strong connections to the construction world and proven record of helping businesses like yours get the new and used lift equipment they need without exhausting their budgets.

Contact the lift equipment financing experts at Fortis today. We look forward to working with you to secure the lift equipment you need. 

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