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Asphalt Screed Financing

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The invention of the asphalt screed revolutionized the paving process. These devices were invented nearly 90 years ago but are still invaluable to paving crews.

But as important as they are, it’s just as important to make sure you aren’t spending too much money adding new asphalt screeds to your fleet.

That’s what makes partnering with the right construction equipment financing company so important. It allows you to add vital equipment to your fleet without worrying about spending more than you’re prepared to spend or tapping into lines of credit.

Equipment financing for your asphalt screeds lets you add to your equipment line as needed, meaning your crews won’t have to worry about whether they’re fixing roads, driveways or parking lots with outdated gear.

We recognize that you may never have needed to finance equipment before. That’s where Fortis Equipment Funding can help. Businesses like yours who need to find a way to finance their asphalt screeds can rely on us.

Fortis has access to a wide-ranging network of connections in the industry, and can utilize a deep pool of equipment knowledge to help smaller and medium sized contractors obtain funding for their asphalt screeds.

Fortis offers the ability to quickly close on loans for your construction equipment so you can began using it right away.

Fortis offers specific varieties of financing such as low and no-up front cost financing, allowing you to get the asphalt screed you need without having to expend too much of your precious capital.

And unlike most leasing companies and equipment financing firms, Fortis is able to fund private sale transactions for our clients, provided they have the proper verification and documentation.

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