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Construction, asphalt paving & excavating firms in need of a reliable new or used heavy and construction equipment financing company need only to look to Fortis, an experienced Construction Equipment Financing Company to help expand their fleets.

Fortis relies upon an extensive arsenal of industry knowledge to attain financing for new and used construction equipment. 


With our seasoned team of equipment finance specialists our long track record of success at closing loans quickly, detailed heavy equipment knowledge and long-standing relationships with vendors allow us to close transactions fast and let you get to work.

With the help of a construction equipment finance company like Fortis by your side, your business will hold onto its cash and working capital to better meet your day-to-day needs, and preserve credit lines for when you truly need them.



  1. Ability to adopt new tools & technology faster

  2. Provides an alternative credit source

  3. Improves cash forecasting

  4. Free up cash for your business

  5. Retain your capital to generate other income

  6. Get the equipment that you need to complete your projects

  7. Improve cash flow

  8. Align your payments with the benefits

  9. Smooths out cash flow

  10. Flexibility to add equipment as your business grows

Crawler loaders - Essential and durable heavy equipment machines that construction sites use to move materials.

Infrared asphalt reheat systems - A cost-effective method that construction crews use to repair cracks in asphalt. 

Asphalt screeds - A type of heavy equipment used in an asphalt paving process. 

Wheel asphalt pavers - This construction equipment is used to flatten and compress newly laid asphalt. 

Box trucks & delivery vehicles - If you need to transport cargo, then box trucks and delivery vehicles are what you need.

Day cab truck financing - We provide financing for reliable day cab trucks. 

Tree, Landscape & Forestry Equipment - If you need heavy equipment for tree service, land clearing, forestry/logging, these machines will get the job done.

Construction, Industrial, Utility & Service Trucks - Make sure your construction site has the right equipment, and finance the trucks and vehicles you need for road maintenance, mining, crane & rigging firms, and more. 

Tractor Trailers & Long Haul Semi Trucks - These durable machines will haul everything you need. 

Lift Equipment - Looking to finance some Lift Equipment, don't forget to consider also financing the safety equipment required to be used in the operation of the Lift Equipment.

Heavy haul lowboy & drop deck trailers - Looking for a way to haul your heavy equipment? A heavy haul lowboy and drop deck trailer are what you need.

Flatbed Trailers - If you work in the transportation, hauling and construction industry, then you need a flatbed trailer to transport your heavy equipment and materials. 

Contact us today. We look forward to helping expand your construction equipment fleet and obtaining the "yellow iron" you are looking for.


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Working with business owners, heavy equipment dealers and construction equipment auction companies, we make sure our customers get the financing they need to grow their construction businesses.

Fortis can offer a wide array of options for new and used heavy equipment financing, competitive and low rates, flexible terms and fast closing – often within 24 hours – all of which adds up to a financing package tailored to you.


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