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Crawler Loader Financing

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As essential as they are durable, construction sites rely heavily on heavy duty crawler loaders to move materials.

And the construction companies who need these vehicles rely on a tested construction equipment finance company to help them procure crawler loaders for their fleet.

With equipment financing, construction crews can grow their fleet without dipping too much into their cash reserves or depleting lines of credit.

You can update your construction vehicle line as needed, meaning you won’t have to worry about your crews using equipment past its shelf life.

We realize that financing the purchase of crawler loaders and other equipment might be uncharted territory for your company.

Fortunately, it’s not new to us. Fortis Equipment has spent years building a track record of success in this field, thanks to our detailed knowledge of crawler loaders and other construction equipment.

Clients turn to us because of our industry expertise and our ability to quickly close loans and allow them to begin using their new equipment.

Fortis also offers special types of financing programs such as low and no-up front cost financing, allowing you to get the day cabs you need without having to expend too much of your precious capital. 

And unlike most leasing companies and equipment financing firms, Fortis is able to fund private sales for our clients, provided they have the proper verification and documentation.

If your company is looking for a proven partner in securing construction equipment financing for your new & used crawler loader or any yellow iron, contact Fortis Equipment Funding. We look forward to working with you and helping you build your fleet.

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