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Heavy Haul Lowboy & Drop Deck Trailer Financing


When the question is “What kind of equipment do I need to haul my construction "yellow iron" equipment,” the answer is often “A heavy haul lowboy trailer, step deck trailer or drop deck trailer.”

And because these heavy duty customized trailers are designed to be durable, purchasing them may not always be easy. That’s why finding new and used trailer equipment financing for lowboy, step decks and drop decks are so important.

It allows small or medium-sized businesses to build up their fleets without using up too much cash or exhausting lines of credit.

With new and used construction equipment trailer financing, you can hold onto some of the capital you need for other areas of your business while also ensuring that your drivers are working with the best and latest equipment.

If heavy haul trailer vehicle and equipment financing is new to you, don’t worry. It’s not new to us. The experts at Fortis Equipment Funding have spent years helping companies like yours secure financing for their new and used lowboys.

Fortis can access its deep well of industry knowledge and connections to help you get the financing you need, whether you’re a company looking to add several lowboys to its fleet or an owner-operator who needs to replace a trailer.

Our clients come to us for our detailed knowledge of their equipment and our skill at securing loans quickly and seamlessly.

Fortis offers specific varieties of financing such as low and no-up front cost financing, allowing you to get the day cabs you need without having to expend too much of your precious capital. 

And unlike most leasing companies and equipment financing firms, Fortis is able to fund private sale transactions for our clients, provided they have the proper verification and documentation.

If your company is seeking a trusted partner in securing financing for its new and used lowboys, step decks and drop deck trailers get in touch with Fortis. Our team looks forward to helping you get your new trailers on the road.

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