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Motor Grader Financing

Moto Grader vehicle

Motor graders are an essential tool for any paving project. We’ve been using graders for decades, going back to the days when they were devices towed behind horses.

These days, graders are a bit more complex and – as you might expect – more costly, which is why many contractors turn to a reliable construction equipment financing company for motor graders.

With equipment financing, you can add to your fleet without the fear that you’re exhausting your budget or dipping into lines of credit. You and your crew will never need to worry that you’re working with outdated machinery.

If the idea of equipment financing seems like unfamiliar territory, don’t worry. Fortis Equipment Funding can help companies like yours who need to finance their motor grader purchases.

We have access to an extensive network of industry connections and can employ a wide range of equipment knowledge to assist small-to-mid-sized contractors in getting funding for their motor graders and other paving machinery.

Fortis provides clients with the ability to quickly settle on loans for construction equipment so that you can get it into the field right away.

Fortis offers specific varieties of financing such as low and no-up front cost financing, allowing you to get the asphalt screed you need without having to expend too much of your precious capital.

And unlike most leasing companies and equipment financing firms, Fortis is able to fund private sale transactions for our clients, provided they have the proper verification and documentation.

Don’t let your next motor grader purchase steamroll your budget. Contact Fortis Equipment funding to learn how we can save you time and money.

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