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Crane Truck Financing

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With deep roots in the equipment finance industry, we offer flexible crane truck financing to small- and mid-sized companies looking to upgrade their fleet. Our worry-free and personalized approach to lending helps you acquire the funds you need from a partner that’s dedicated to your success. We have competitive rates, low and no-cost terms, and lightning-fast approvals and funding in 24 hours or less.

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Types of Crane Trucks We Finance

We make crane truck financing easy! We finance all makes and models, both titled and non-titled. Whether you’re purchasing a crane truck that’s brand-new or 20 years old, we’re here for you. Unlike other firms, we even offer private sale transaction financing options with required verification and documentation, helping you acquire the equipment you need to keep your business running strong. 

  • New

  • Preowned

  • Titled

  • Non-titled

  • Private sale transactions

In addition to crane trucks, we also finance other heavy and construction equipment. Contact our lending team to learn more about our finance packages.

5 Crane Truck Financing Mistakes to Avoid 

1. Long wait times for approvals & loan funding 

Don’t make the mistake of choosing crane truck financing from a firm that makes you wait longer than necessary! When you need to upgrade your equipment, time is of the essence, so that you can keep your business operating efficiently. Our quick and easy loan process provides most application approvals within 24 hours. Quickly gathering required information can help ensure that your loan is funded within the next 24 hours after loan approval.

2. High-interest rates

While your qualification status determines the precise interest rate you’ll pay, there’s no need to settle for a loan that doesn’t make financial sense. Our crane truck financing options come with low and competitive rates, so you can rest assured that you’re paying the lowest possible amount, and nothing more. We’re dedicated to helping small- and mid-sized businesses grow and thrive. Our commitment to helping you pay the least – and get the most – is just one of the ways we’re here to support your next step.

3. Steep up-front costs

Before securing a crane truck loan, ask about the up-front costs you’ll be responsible for paying to ensure it’s not out of line. Our low and no up-front financing helps you pay as little as possible right out of the gate. If a down payment is required, many companies pay just two months’ worth of payments. Our crane truck financing experts can provide detailed information on the down payment requirements for your unique circumstance.

4. Lack of industry experience

With a long history of investing in small- and mid-sized construction companies like yours, we’re a reliable partner you can count on. Led by an industry veteran with decades of equipment financing experience, our company understands the financial support you need to upgrade your fleet and grow your business. This industry-specific knowledge, coupled with strong lender relationships, gives us an unmatched competitive edge.

5. Cumbersome qualification process

We believe that crane truck financing should be simple. It should have an easy process that isn’t laced with snags and headaches. If a crane truck financing company makes you jump through a slew of hoops just to qualify, shift gears fast! Turn toward a source that cares about a streamlined experience. Our easy three-step application process is quick and easy, taking just a matter of hours to produce an approval status.

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Apply for Crane Truck Financing in 1-2-3

Follow just three simple steps to qualify for crane truck financing and put your equipment to work faster! 

Step 1: Application

Download and complete a credit application on our website, taking care to provide all of the information required about your company, equipment, bank accounts, references, and more.


Step 2: Connect 
After you’ve submitted the credit application, our crane truck financing team will reach out to you. We’ll discuss your application and gather any additional information required to get you the most favorable loan terms possible.


Step 3: Finalize 
In 24 hours or less, you’ll receive an approval response. We’re that fast! But our expeditious nature doesn’t stop there. We can also fund your loan in another 24-hours or less, so you can get your new crane truck up and running.

Apply now to see if you qualify for crane truck financing.

What You’ll Need

Our crane truck financing process is quick, and with your help, it can be even quicker! You will need a few simple identification documents and bank information.

We work with you to make the crane truck financing easy and painless. Our goal is to get your business where you need it to be as fast as possible.

Our crane truck financing advisors will review this information and request anything additional needed to satisfy our lender partners. We’ll work swiftly and competently to help you get a quick approval response.

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Should You Finance a Crane Truck? 

Deciding whether to finance a crane truck can come with a host of questions and considerations. You may find yourself weighing the options of leasing or renting – or keeping your older model, even if it’s starting to become a liability. You may also be battling the burden of whether to invest cash assets for the purchase. To help you make the best decision for your situation, here’s how to know whether crane truck financing is right for you:

  • You don’t want to drain working capital
    Crane truck financing helps you preserve precious cash assets you may have otherwise invested for the purchase. Instead, keep your funds in your pocket so that you can decide the best way to allocate your financial resources, based on where they’re needed the most.

  • You want more reliable cash flow
    Old equipment is notoriously unpredictable. From unexpected maintenance fees to insurance liabilities, you never know when your cash flow will take a hit. Crane truck financing, on the other hand, provides a consistent payment schedule for more reliable equipment, so you know what’s coming and can better plan for financial expenditures.

  • You have credit lines to preserve 
    Many small- and mid-sized companies like yours rely on credit lines for operational expenses or rainy days. If you don’t want to max out your lines to purchase a crane truck, then financing might be the best option. It can help keep your credit lines open so that you can use them as you need them.

  • You’re paying too much for leases and rentals 
    If you’ve found yourself frustrated by investing your hard-earned money into crane truck leases and rentals, then financing one may be best. Our crane truck financing options put you in the driver’s seat by helping you upgrade your fleet and giving you the peace of mind that comes with ownership. You’ll finally own your equipment rather than merely being a lessor or renter.

  • You could benefit from a tax deduction
    Not many companies couldn’t benefit from a tax assistance courtesy of Uncle Sam! When you choose our crane truck financing, you qualify for a Section 179 deduction on your business tax return. You can also deduct up to 100% of your crane truck loan payments, which is yet another financial win for your pocketbook.

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The Fortis Advantage

We’re not just a crane truck financing company – we’re a people company. We started this firm because we wanted to invest in relationships with construction business owners and other industry professionals. We believe in your work and the value you bring to our economy and communities. Thank you for your contributions! When you partner with us to help your business grow and thrive, you’ll have a relationship that you can count on to steer you forward in the right direction. 

We’re your crane truck financing partner

Let us help your company enhance your operations and grow your business. We provide:

  • Quick approvals and loan closings

  • Coast-to-coast lending

  • Financing for all makes and models

  • Low and no up-front costs

  • Low and competitive rates

  • Relationship-centered service

  • Superior industry expertise

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What Our Customers are Saying

"Fortis was amazing to work with! The funding was super fast! I definitely would recommend using this company for funding!"

- Joseph W.

"Fortis Equipment Funding has helped me obtain competitive financing rates for my business. I’ve had a great experience, the loan process was quick and easy. The staff was very professional and prompt. I would recommend Fortis Equipment Funding to anyone in need of an equipment financing."

- Christopher S.

"I had the pleasure of working with Fortis Equipment Funding for my loans. I’ve dealt with other lending institutions in the past and as far as I’m concerned Fortis is the best in the business. I called and let him know what I needed and he went above and beyond the call of duty to make it happen. I recommend anyone looking for funding to contact Mr. Earl Turner with Fortis Equipment Funding!"

- Jonathan L.

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Ditch the old equipment and save your cash assets while still upgrading and enhancing your fleet! Contact us to learn more about crane truck financing and uncover new opportunities for success.

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