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Excavator Financing


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We help business owners, equipment dealers, and heavy equipment auction companies secure the excavator financing they need – fast! Our unrivaled equipment experience and long-standing lender relationships give us a leg up on the competition. With a laser focus on small to medium-sized companies nationwide, we have the specialized knowledge and expertise to tailor financial packages you can leverage to upgrade or expand your fleet.

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Types of Excavators We Finance 

Whether the excavator you need is brand new or previously owned, we have financing packages available to accommodate your situation. We finance all years, makes, and models – both titled and non-titled – and even provide private sale transaction options with proper verification and documentation.

We Provide Excavator Financing For:

  • Crawl excavators

  • Wheel excavators

  • Suction/vacuum excavators

  • Long-reach excavators

  • Compact excavators

  • Dragline excavators

  • Skid steer excavator

  • Backhoe excavator

  • Spider excavator

  • Knuckle boom excavator

  • Hydraulic shovels

Looking for excavator financing for something else? Contact our equipment financing experts to learn more about our finance packages

Excavator Financing Makes Dollars and Sense

When old equipment becomes a liability, and a cash purchase isn’t feasible or preferred, excavator financing can help. Use our flexible financial packages to acquire the essential equipment you need to get the job done.

Here are 5 Reasons to Consider Excavator Financing:

1. Conserve cash and working wapital

Rather than shelling out funds upfront, keep more money in your pocket to maintain the freedom to allocate financial resources where they are most needed.

2. Preserve credit lines

Credit lines can be lifesavers when unexpected or other costs arise, particularly for small and mid-sized companies. Excavator financing can help you keep those lines open, so they are available when (or if) needed. 

3. Earn tax savings

Excavator financing qualifies you for a Section 179 deduction on your business tax return, and you can deduct up to 100% of your excavator loan payments.

4. Save money

If you’re paying too much to operate and maintain an obsolete excavator and think a new one is out of reach, financing can save money – and headaches – on operational and repair costs.

5. Manage cash flow

Rather than subjecting yourself to surprise maintenance costs, excavator financing comes with a consistently scheduled payment amount that allows you to better plan for cash allocation.

How to Apply for Excavator Financing

With deep roots in the equipment finance industry, we make it easy to get the funds you need. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from our strong lender relationships and extensive experience. Applying for excavator financing is simple, and with approval, it often takes 24 hours or less to receive your funds. We’re here to provide worry-free lending, so you can put your equipment to work faster.

Get Started Here:


First, fill out a credit application on our website, which includes information about your company, equipment, bank and money market accounts, and references.


Our excavator financing experts will contact you to discuss your application and gather any additional information to satisfy our lender partners.


Excavator financing qualifies you for a Section 179 deduction on your business tax return, and you can deduct up to 100% of your excavator loan payments.

Apply now to see if you qualify for excavator financing.

The Fortis Advantage

Investing in relationships is central to our company mission. We invest in you – construction business owners and other industry pros. You’re on the front lines building and revitalizing communities, spurring economic growth, and setting the very foundation for our future, and we thank you for all you do. We’re not just a lending partner – we’re people partner dedicated to helping your business thrive, and that’s an advantage you can bank on. 

10 Questions to Ask When Financing Your Excavator

1. What size businesses do you serve?

With a specialty in financing packages solely for small and mid-size companies, we have a focused perspective on your unique business needs. Our highly experienced excavator financing team understands what drives you. They use that knowledge to quickly address your financial needs, so you can get your equipment up and running as soon as possible.

2. What geographic area do you serve?

As an experienced equipment financing company, we offer excavator financing and other construction and heavy equipment packages to businesses across the nation. This vast nationwide reach gives us access to a wide network of lenders and industry professionals dedicated to helping you get the equipment you need. 

3. Why should I finance excavators?

Aside from helping you upgrade or expand your equipment, excavator financing comes with many other unexpected benefits. Conserving working capital, preserving credit lines, earning tax credits, managing cash flow easier, and saving on expenses for outdated excavator upkeep are just a few of the reasons financing makes sense.

4. What is your financing process?

Excavator financing doesn’t need to be complicated! We have a quick and easy process to get the answers and funding you need right away. Begin by filling out our online application to see if you qualify. Approvals and funding are often issued within hours, so you can keep your business running smoothly.

5. What type of excavators do you finance?

From crawlers to backhoes, we finance all new or pre-owned excavators that are either titled or untitled. We even have private sale transaction financing options with required verification and documentation. In addition to excavators, we also finance other heavy and construction equipment for your operational needs.



6. How quickly will my loan be funded?

You need funds to get your equipment working for you right away, and that’s why we have an expedited process for funding approved loans. In many cases, we can fund your loan as quickly as 24 hours so that you can keep your jobs on track.

7. How much is the down payment?

Your down payment depends on several factors that we will help you identify during the application process. In many cases, we have low and no up-front cost financing available. Your excavator financing specialist will provide more information about the down payment terms for your situation.


8. What are your excavator financing terms?

While the terms of your loan will be unique to your circumstance, we have low and competitive rates available for excavators and other heavy and construction equipment. Our terms are flexible with loan lengths ranging between 24-60 months, depending on your needs and qualification status.

9. How much experience do you have?

Established by an equipment financing industry veteran, we have a long track record of success helping companies like yours acquire the equipment needed to take your business to the next level. Our decades of experience provide value and peace of mind that you’ll have a partner you can trust every step of the way.

10. Do you have any references?

Because we focus on investing in relationships, we have countless client testimonials that can attest to our strengths. But don’t just take our word for it!


Be sure to check out just some of what our clients are saying Below:



What Our Customers are Saying

"Fortis was amazing to work with! The funding was super fast! I definitely would recommend using this company for funding!"

- Joseph W.

"Fortis Equipment Funding has helped me obtain competitive financing rates for my business. I’ve had a great experience, the loan process was quick and easy. The staff was very professional and prompt. I would recommend Fortis Equipment Funding to anyone in need of an equipment financing."

- Christopher S.

"I had the pleasure of working with Fortis Equipment Funding for my loans. I’ve dealt with other lending institutions in the past and as far as I’m concerned Fortis is the best in the business. I called and let him know what I needed and he went above and beyond the call of duty to make it happen. I recommend anyone looking for funding to contact Mr. Earl Turner with Fortis Equipment Funding!"

- Jonathan L.

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Reasons to Choose Fortis

Every company has a unique path forward, which is why we tailor excavator financing packages to help you take that next step. We are a leading industry choice because:

  • Loan closings as fast as 24 hours

  • Nationwide service

  • New and pre-owned equipment financing

  • Low and no up-front costs

  • Low and competitive rates

  • Flexible terms

  • Relationship-centered company

  • Extensive industry expertise

Apply for Excavator Financing Today

Don’t let poor-performing equipment or limited cash assets prevent you from upgrading and enhancing your fleet. Contact us to learn more about excavator financing and unearth new possibilities for growth and success.

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